Three of Wands, Sun in Aries


The three of wands tarot card rules between the 31st March until April 10th. It is found in the second decan between 10 and 20 degrees of Aries.The card typically represents being at a peak of power, creative drive and foresight.

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Moon in Sagittarius ,31st March 2013


The moon gives your spirit a boost to rise to the occasion. You may feel more settled after reflecting on a choice you are in the process of making. A good time for reviewing and refining your next stage of growth.

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Chiron in Pisces ,March 31st 2013


You may be feeling the need to restore your life into the “special”category once and for all. It means that you expect that others will see you as a human being first and in turn you will also recognise the sacred spark in others too. Chiron is pointing out that the more small gestures of kindness you show each day go along way to healing others and vice versa. So today,Chiron is giving you a big hug so that you can pass it on to someone who needs re-assurance that they matter too.

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Mercury in Pisces,30th March 2013


Mercury is placed in Pisces whilst it touches on the zone of family. It’s best to have an easy night and just watch a movie and keep things breezy. It’s not a night for deep and meaningful conversations as Mercury’s message may be taken the wrong way.

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Moon conjunct Saturn ,30th March 2013


The Moon is illuminating the limits of your current reality. A good time to use dreams and coincidences to analyse what the universe is trying to show you. Even the way you think about your limitations will give you vital input as to your own world view.

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