Aries ascendant


If Aries was the sign over the horizon when you were born ,then what type of image would you project ?
Well, that’s an interesting question and the reason why your mother also tells you not to judge a book by it’s cover. The Ascendent is often described as the mask you present to others. This may either enhance or inhibit the true inner self which is projected to the outside world. So, if you have an Aries rising sign in your birth chart , what does it say? As an Aries you will project an image of confidence and brashness, willing to take on all challenges and climb every mountain.

3 thoughts on “Aries ascendant

  1. I love learning an individuals ascendant! Its so fascinating how we naturally present ourselves to the world. Without even trying. I am a Leo Rising and man can I come off as one proud kitty.

  2. That might explain my boss. Everyone says she is really nice out of work but in the office she is an uber-bitch! I still think she needs therapy.

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