Uranus square Pluto ,April 23rd 2013


Welcome to your very own tv channel. What’s it called you may ask? Well..it’s called channel You. And it’s programming shows with episodes all about your life. The good news is that you are the scriptwriter for all the new episodes. What was that? You’ve never written a script before! It doesn’t matter. Pluto our main co-writer has given you the chance to pick the categories of your newly anticipated tv episodes. Do you want drama,action,romance or comedy? Our main audience critic ,Uranus,is complaining that he wants something fresh and original from you. The pressure is on as the audience ratings have fallen from the tired old plot lines from past episodes.Frankly,it’s all been done before. So what’s in vogue these days. Well it’s easy.Just create your own reality show and make mistakes,stumble, get up, have a laugh and just enjoy it. Create your own scenarios, try stuff, ask yourself “what if “questions and make new friends. And just to boost your confidence and increase ratings ,Uranus has insisted that you do guest spots on other new tv channels sprouting up everywhere .The plus side of this? Your co-stars are experiencing the same emotions as you.Enjoy:)

Image courtesy of idea go/freedigitalphotos.net


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