Moon in Aquarius, May 31st 2013


What does it feel like to be accepted for who you are? What does it feel like to feel good on the inside and have that reflected in the outer world? Today, feel free to be you. Enjoy the feeling of being part of a greater group and yet at the same time being content with your own uniqueness.

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Neptune sextile Pluto, May 30th 2013


Is your Prince Charming not so charming?Is your Snow White not so pristine?Is there a nudging feeling that the person in front of you portraying ice cream and apple pie values is nothing more than a modern day Fagan from Oliver Twist? Over the next few days, Pluto is showing you the true intentions of people who surround you. You will be able to see beneath the facade and see people through their words and actions. It is a time of brutal honesty as Pluto is unveiling any form of deception for you to see.

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Moon in Aquarius, May 29th 2013


How does it feel to free? What are the things holding you back? Are you able to choose what you would like to experience? Thoughts about personal freedom will emerge ,causing you to reflect on what you want out of life? For some it may be an emotionally draining day but its honesty will lead to the path you need to be travelling. If you have been working on your life path already then you will be fine tuning your goals to ensure a successful outcome.

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Sun in Gemini ,May 28th 2013


Is your dreaming life more intense than your waking life? Does your waking life fuel your dreams or is it vice versa? Have people in your dreams materialised in waking life? Have the events of your dream life provided déjà vu situations during your day? How do you know something that there is no possible way to explain? Over the coming days be prepared to expect the unexpected. In true Gemini fashion you may be taken down the rabbit hole to provoke intense investigations of your own role in reality.

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Moon in Capricorn, May 27th 2013


What does it feel like to receive? Why does it feel like everyone else gets something but your still waiting?Is there a price to everything? Are the best things in life really free? Today, questions will surface dealing with what you need to receive out of life. Help in unexpected forms may also materialise but not in ways you expect. So, be alert as you may forgo the universe trying to help you.

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Moon trine Uranus, May 26th 2013


Look into a pond and you will see a reflection of you?Look into the past and you may see a reflection of the future?Are we destined to repeat the mistakes of the past? Today, as we set goals for the future, take into account what has happened in the past. The moon is giving you the maximum amount of energy to feel which possibilities are the most suitable.

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