Moon in Aries, June 30th 2013


Does it take courage to make a stand? Are you being peaceful if you don’t stand for what is right?Is life like boxing where you have to stand your ground and survive to the end? What is the cost if you don’t stand up for what you believe? Currently, you may need to reflect on ensuring that your personal space and thoughts have as much validity as necessary.

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Moon opposition Venus, June 27th 2013


Is this my beautiful house? Is this my beautiful car? Is this my beautiful life?Is this exactly where I am supposed to be? Currently, the moon is tugging on all emotional strings for you to hear the call of the wild. You may find yourself with deep instinctual urges which crash against the safe domesticated routine of car, job and home. A strong day of emotional honesty. If you have been in touch with your feelings then today will be an easier day in which your feelings are simply confirmed. If you have be suppressing feelings then you may find a rough day where you may be emotionally exposed.

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