Moon in Taurus,July 30th 2013


What does it feel like to allow others to help you?What does it feel like to let others do their own thing? Currently , you may feel like sitting back and letting the world set its own course. The trick is being able to trust your what you feel.

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Moon in Aries, July 28th 2013


Are you grappling with things that don’t exist?Are goals about your personal progress isolating you? Are you like a statue ,frozen in time for others to look at? Currently , you may feel that your energy has nowhere to flow and is irrelevant . The current alignment may offer you opportunities to plan how you can be more effective and channel your skills and talents to where they are actually needed.

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Moon in Pisces, July 25th 2013


Is there such a thing as a rational explanation? Do you have to be logical? Do things happen in a set sequence? Do feelings have to be rational? Do you have to explain why you feel the way that you do? Currently, there is a focus on accepting what you feel and know without having to prove or justify it. It is possible to classify it as mysterious and just have faith that miracles do happen.

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Moon in Capricorn ,July 22nd 2013


Why do we work? Is there any other way to achieve our goals? Is there any way thing could be easier? Currently, the current alignment should make things easier in the way in which we make money. Allow yourself time to receive any help from the universe.
By doing this, you don’t need to exhaust yourself trying to achieve your current goals.

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Moon in Scorpio, 18th July 2013


What are you made of? Where are you now? Should you be here or should you be there? Is it a good place or err ….is it the last place you need to be? Do you like the people you are with? Are the feelings you are experiencing warranted? Scorpio may be taking you out of your comfort zone into uncharted waters. You may feel emotions that are suppressed may be finding ways to resurface causing you to question what you really believe. A tough time for many but with awareness you will be able to make progress emotionally.

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