Moon in Taurus, August 26th 2013


Has someone rained on your parade? Have you found yourself all dressed up and no where to go? Do you feel like you have no fuel in the tank? Currently, things just may seem to be slowing you down?However, progress is still being made but at a slower pace.

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Moon in Pisces, August 23rd 2013


Where does a dream begin? Am I the dreamer or the dream?Am I the thinker or the thought? Am I the dream of someone else’s dream?And even more mysterious , what would happen if your dreams spoke back? Currently, you may experience your very own magical mystery tour.What you may discover may enhance your perspective on how you see reality.

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Moon in Aquarius, August 21st 2013


Do you want to know where inspiration comes from? Are you wondering where is your muse? Currently, you are free to explore your thoughts and feelings. If you search deeply you may find a number of surprises which will enhance your participation in making life better for friends,family and colleagues.

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