Uranus in Aries, September 30th 2013


Who are you? How do you define yourself?Is it by your job, possessions or status? Is it defined by who loves you or are you afraid to ask why they do? Currently , we are entering a multi- phased quantum karma whirlpool. The indications are that there is a battle looming with the way we view our ego. Some really deep thought is required as no one really has any answers except the understanding that things need to change.

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Moon in Cancer, September 27th 2013


How do you define family? Is it by genetics, is it by who you live with? Is it by who loves you? Currently, feelings may emerge allowing further expansion of what can be defined as family.

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Sun Square Pluto, September 24th 2013


Do you feel as if the life your leading is not what you thought it should be? Is there something taunting you to look at what could be better? Currently, you may experience thoughts that may annoy or irritate you but this is the first step in setting goals for a better experience of your current life.

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Venus conjunct Saturn, September 22nd 2013


How do you know that you have hit a barrier? How do you fight against something that is limiting you growth socially? Is there a limit to how much love that you can receive? Currently , there may be intense focus on barriers which are preventing you from receiving the nurturing required for you to expand into to new social experiences.

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Moon conjunct Neptune ,September 18th 2013


Do you feel that there is something more that you need to know but cannot see it? Is there something you feel but cannot explain it? Currently, you have the opportunity to accept new information without trying to understand or prove what where it came from. The best course is just to accept the gifts of the universe without question.

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