Sun conjunct Saturn, October 30th 2013


What was that ? Can I see your I.D please? Sir, can you step this way and breathe into this machine? Currently, you may feel like you are under scrutiny.It would be wise to trust those feelings. Now ,people who have some power to direct you will exert their authority.In some cases it may just be benign routine, in other cases it may be more nasty.
So, if you are at work or in public it is best to suggest that you be on your best behaviour for the current time.

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Saturn conjunct Mercury, October 24th 2013


Are you aware of a secret? Are you keeping something secret? Is the truth of the situation being ignored or repressed? Currently, the universe is giving you a heads up on a potential karmic burst of drama that will be uncontrollable . As usual if you are aware then you may already be in the process of diffusing the situation but if not then you need to start work quickly if you know that you are riding an unstable situation.

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Mercury in Virgo, September 2nd 2013

Are you thinking of what to do next? Are you reading about how others achieved success? Are you feeling that your version of success does not match what’s out there? Currently , you have the opportunity to review your belief systems and to plan accordingly.Just remember though that if your version of success is different then you need to take into account that you may be setting a trend for future generations rather than your peers.

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Moon in Pisces, October 15th 2013


Do families have karma? Does each generation keep on repeating the same activities as the previous one? Can you notice things in your life that are the same as your ancestors.Do your children ask why they seem to think they are turning into another version of you much to their annoyance?
A day of deep introspection to know a truth that can only be found together or through dreams.

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Uranus in Aries, October 11th 2013


Can you feel the build up? The pressure waiting for release? The realisation that there is something in the air? Currently ,feelings and urges will prompt you to find a channel for this energy.You may find a number of situations will arise which prompt you to ride the wave of the coming changes or be changed by it.

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