Moon in Gemini, November 20th 2014


Are you experiencing an array of emotions on both sides of the spectrum? Are you exhausted yet exhilarated?Now is the time to reflect on what you are experiencing and to notice the range of emotions you are feeling.This will enable you to trace them back to the source of which they spring.

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Venus trine Mars , November 15th 2013


Is love a battlefield? Are families meant to be happy or are they meant to battle until some inexhaustible truth is reached? Currently you may be thinking what is causing all this conflict in families and society. The universe will certainly be providing strong hints via a megaphone so you will definitely hear it reverberating until your eardrum rings constantly.

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Neptune conjunct Moon , November 11th 2013


Is there something you need to experience in order to make a breakthrough? Are you aware of the experiences available to bring back faith that life can offer something more? Are there dreams of pleasant times waiting to burst forth into reality to make you question how things work?

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