Uranus square Pluto

How do you discern a persons wealth? Is it by their assets? Is it by their talents? Is it by their looks? Does anybody place value on a person just being who they are? Currently you may be faced with a change of values regarding what people mean to you and vice versa!


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Sun trine Moon


Do you feel that you need something more? Is that little bit extra crossing into territories where the image that you have crafted may fall to pieces? Currently , many may be experiencing the emotional waters of temptation. A tricky time indeed.

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Saturn trine Sun


Are you really you? Are you the person your spirit wants you to be? Or, are you moulding an image that “they” want you to be? Do you believe that through arduous labours that you will receive the accolades you truly desire? Currently ,you are able to think about the way in which the real you can radiate in the world! An exciting but emotional time which will provide a firmer foundation for confidence which can be depended upon.

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Saturn square Mercury


How can you have your cake and eat it too? How can you turn a no into your kind of yes? The planets seem to be suggesting that those who use the threat of bondage to enforce discipline may actually be subject to a bit of bondage and discipline themselves!

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Mercury conjunct Neptune


Do you feel as the view is not clear?Do you feel as if your thoughts are unclear? Do you feel as if you can’t see as a fog is obscuring the view? Currently, you may be receiving thoughts which are enticing you to journey through the unknown. However, you can be assured that as you travel through the mist you will be able to see things that you never knew existed.

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