Moon opposition Mercury


Does our world reflect our thoughts? Do our thoughts affect the way we feel about what we perceive? Do our feelings control our thoughts or are we using our beliefs to control the way we see what’s around us! A day of fun rigorous debate lies ahead regarding the way we process our reality.

Image courtesy of Pakorn/

3 thoughts on “Moon opposition Mercury

  1. Our lives are exactly what we think they are.

    The old physical vibrations of past upsets keep our beliefs alive, but when we allow that energy to shift and move our thoughts move with it. Up, up, up… lighter and lighter.

    We then get to examine our old beliefs and release them to find and experience new realities much more pleasing than what me may have previously known.

    Life is funny that way. 🙂

    It’s all about remembering our own power and control.

    Blessings to you! XO

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