Pluto square Uranus

Are you defined by your assets? Are you defined by your job? Is wealth the main reason people are attracted to you? What would happen if there was a change in perception? How would that affect you? It seems that planets are letting us know that we are living in some very interesting times.


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Saturn opposition Venus

What is the true cost of love? Is it fleeting only to be whittled away through petty indiscretions? Is love it’s own worst enemy? A deep, insightful time as to the joys and limits of love,desire and attraction.


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Sun conjunct Mercury

Not again! Why now! I’ve been through this so many times ! Do you feel like you are experiencing your very own ground hog day? Are you frustrated at having to live through an experience that you thought could never happen again? If this is the case then you will need to look inward and trust your feelings to guide you through this time.


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Saturn conjunct Moon

Who put the fence there? Why can’t I move in that direction? Why do I have to follow a path dictated by others? Feelings confronting the limits placed before you demand closer scrutiny in order progress to your desired destination.


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Venus trine Pluto

Where do you find beauty? What do you find beautiful ? Is beauty what you think it is? Is there something hidden that is yet to reveal it allure? Keep your eyes open for you may discover an aspect of beauty which was right in front of you all along.

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