Sun Conjunct Mars ,April 15th 2013


A day of energy to move forward and be creative with the image you present to the world. There are a number of possible expressions of your personality inside you. A good day for being confident in experimenting with different projections of your self image.

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Have you had success in changing the way you present yourself to others? Please feel free to share in the comment section below.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn ,April 14th 2013


Have you relapsed again? Are you sensing that you have been here before? Is your universe feeling a little bit Freudian? Are you starting to realise, that you are the patient and not everyone else?Hmmm,…..the faces are changing but the themes are not.Errr…. Well, It’s time to sit on that couch again and start a new therapy session. Pluto is asking us to analyse our life and look at the themes we are experiencing. So,sit back,relax and look within to find the recurring theme.

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Uranus semi-square Moon, April 13th 2013


Are we there yet? Well…er…almost. Your journey of transformation is still in progress. Your emotions are unsettled but that is just a side effect. As you are able to absorb and make sense of your new circumstances then you will understand the new sensations you are experiencing

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Ascendant sextile Mercury, April 12th 2013


As the Ascendant moves through Capricorn you may have flashes of intuition about how you can control your environment.

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Moon in Taurus ,April 11th 2013


The moon is giving you the opportunity to grow. A day full of abundance is there for the taking. The universe is providing you with opportunities to be seized upon. So be aware and you shall receive.

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