Jupiter semi-square Mars ,April 18th 2013


Are you fighting too hard to achieve what you need? Are you feeling like your battering your head against a brick wall? Then..err..what do we do next? Well, Jupiter is suggesting that we heed the words of John Lennon and “give peace a chance”.

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Neptune semi-sextile Mercury ,April 18th 2013


Like a bolt from the blue you will discover something that you cannot explain. It may topple your perspective on what you have built in your mind. You will know something new but it will be more of a feeling. Neptune is asking you to think outside the box and transcend boundaries.

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Sun Conjunct Mars ,April 15th 2013


A day of energy to move forward and be creative with the image you present to the world. There are a number of possible expressions of your personality inside you. A good day for being confident in experimenting with different projections of your self image.

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Have you had success in changing the way you present yourself to others? Please feel free to share in the comment section below.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn ,April 14th 2013


Have you relapsed again? Are you sensing that you have been here before? Is your universe feeling a little bit Freudian? Are you starting to realise, that you are the patient and not everyone else?Hmmm,…..the faces are changing but the themes are not.Errr…. Well, It’s time to sit on that couch again and start a new therapy session. Pluto is asking us to analyse our life and look at the themes we are experiencing. So,sit back,relax and look within to find the recurring theme.

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Uranus in Aries, April 12th 2013


The heroes journey has already begun. Circumstances have placed you where you need to be. The path to greener pastures is laid before you. Uranus is shedding the the shackles of the old ways which impeded your growth. Mars is giving you the energy to run free towards the circumstances which will allow you to shine.

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Sun conjunct Moon, April 11th 2013


The Sun is giving you the energy to create. You may notice that things you need may start to flicker in your grasp. If you need help to achieve you goals,ask for it and you may see it come your way.

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