Venus conjunct Mars

Health ,fresh foods and cleansing are the focus of those trying to expand their social life.

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Saturn trine Sun


Are you really you? Are you the person your spirit wants you to be? Or, are you moulding an image that “they” want you to be? Do you believe that through arduous labours that you will receive the accolades you truly desire? Currently ,you are able to think about the way in which the real you can radiate in the world! An exciting but emotional time which will provide a firmer foundation for confidence which can be depended upon.

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Chiron Conjunct Mercury ,1st of April 2013


A good day to review your attitude towards health over the long term.Mercury is in trickster mode today so you may feel the temptation to make the wrong choice based on faulty reasoning. Your decision may have effects which you cannot forsee. The best approach today is to examine your thoughts ,and not act on gut instinct ,but wait until more solid foundation can be found to move forward.

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Astrology and body shape


Our body shapes through life are dictated by the movement of heavenly bodies through our chart. Also the moon has a bearing on eating patterns so that might explain when we have the urge to splurge on ice cream.So don’t feel guilty just tell your friends the moon made you do it.

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