Moon trine Uranus, May 26th 2013


Look into a pond and you will see a reflection of you?Look into the past and you may see a reflection of the future?Are we destined to repeat the mistakes of the past? Today, as we set goals for the future, take into account what has happened in the past. The moon is giving you the maximum amount of energy to feel which possibilities are the most suitable.

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Moon in Scorpio ,April 27th 2013


A day just to be free and live for the moment. Scorpio is all about living in the moment. Put aside your cares and worries and allow your self some space to breathe. The heavens have provided you with the opportunity to have a wonderful weekend of unrestrained fun and excitement. So enjoy it while you can and rest at work on Monday.

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Full moon in Scorpio, April 26th 2013


Imagine you now have the latest 3D,crystal clear,high resolution TV set today to view your past,present and future. It also equips you with the ability to feel what is being portrayed on the screen.
The heavens are combining to upgrade your soul with the ability to chose what is important to you and to allow that which is no longer relevant to fall away. A really great day to focus on goals which are based on good intentions and creating a joyous environment.

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Moon conjunct Saturn ,30th March 2013


The Moon is illuminating the limits of your current reality. A good time to use dreams and coincidences to analyse what the universe is trying to show you. Even the way you think about your limitations will give you vital input as to your own world view.

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Moon in Libra, March 28th 2013


A night of receiving energy which needs to be channeled constructively. A perfect night to follow up with friends, team sports or even a romantic date. The universe is providing you a gift so that you can pass it on to others. A night to share smiles which will amplify into happy memories.

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Full Moon in Libra ,27th of March


Wow. That’s all I can say so far. Let me catch my breath. This full moon appears to be all about karma. Actions repeated over and over in different flavoured fractals of time and sequence. The moon is reflecting through Libra the price of justice. Harmony or the truth. It’s your choice. The moon is highlighting the factor of how the scales are actually tipped.What people say against what we believe to be true is the cost factor we use to make decisions. The moon is trying to tell us if we use this system we create karma. The timing of this full moon on the eve of Easter Thursday is clearly pointing to the Mythology (history) of the Piscean Age. Easter Thursday is all about judgements made to please the crowd rather than face the truth.
The moon is highlighting the reasons why truth may not always shine. The tendency of all of us to pick expediency over correct action is in full focus under this moon. On a positive note it nudges us to reflect on how we make decisions in our life. As the ancients once said “know thyself” and from there inferred that the rest will fall into place as it should be.

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