Moon in Leo

Do you feel restrained? Do you just want to break free? Do you just want to be who you really are? Now is the time to run free!

Sun conjunct Mercury

Do dreams come true? Could we even hope to get what we wished for ? What would we do if our wildest fantasies came true? Stay awake, because the universe may throw a surprise or two your way.

Sun conjunction Mercury


Do you feel that you need to explore the inner depths of your emotions? Are you looking for a deeper emotional experience? Is there something more that you need to explore? It seems the universe may unveil an opportunity for you to seize the day and explore.
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Moon trine Saturn

Are you feeling the urge to seek something more? Are you feeling the need to plan for something better? Are you thinking about the obstacles in your path. Now is the time to review and reflect on possible futures.

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Venus square Moon

Do you want to be wild? Do you want to let go? Do you care about the ramifications? By day your respectable but in the evening something else inside comes to life? An alter ego perhaps or the real you? A time of risky business indeed!

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