Saturn trine Sun


Are you really you? Are you the person your spirit wants you to be? Or, are you moulding an image that “they” want you to be? Do you believe that through arduous labours that you will receive the accolades you truly desire? Currently ,you are able to think about the way in which the real you can radiate in the world! An exciting but emotional time which will provide a firmer foundation for confidence which can be depended upon.

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Saturn square Mercury


How can you have your cake and eat it too? How can you turn a no into your kind of yes? The planets seem to be suggesting that those who use the threat of bondage to enforce discipline may actually be subject to a bit of bondage and discipline themselves!

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Moon semisquare Uranus ,6th of April 2013

Feelings are simmering beneath the surface. Just like a seed ,in the soil bursting to emerge,Uranus is triggering circumstances causing the rise of something new. Whilst we may try to hold back ,things are mounting to a critical mass. In a way ,we are feeling the contractions of the new being born.

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Moon in Aquarius, 5th of April 2013


Just sit back ,relax and tune into the universe. Today all the barriers are down and you may notice some small synchronicity ,chance or opportunity. Thoughts may also arise giving you fresh insight into current circumstances.

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Moon in Sagittarius ,31st March 2013


The moon gives your spirit a boost to rise to the occasion. You may feel more settled after reflecting on a choice you are in the process of making. A good time for reviewing and refining your next stage of growth.

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Jupiter in Gemini ,27th March 2013


Look at the image.Which is the reflection?It may be obvious but what is evident and true can be distorted. Words often change our perspective so we cannot see what’s literally in front of us. Jupiter is expanding our awareness to know again what is real.

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