Pluto square Uranus

Are you defined by your assets? Are you defined by your job? Is wealth the main reason people are attracted to you? What would happen if there was a change in perception? How would that affect you? It seems that planets are letting us know that we are living in some very interesting times.


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Sun sextile Moon ,April 15th 2013


A day to decide on what you wish to achieve. Your creative energy is increasing and now is a good time to put your plans in motion.

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What are you planning ? Please let us know by posting in the comments section below.

Moon conjunct Mercury ,April 8 2013


Reflections and images of what you have done are intermingling with what you are doing now. Mars energy is in overdrive ,propelling you further and faster than you have ever been. Life is now in the fast lane and you are now trying to check that rear view mirror. Mercury is bouncing images and impressions of the past causing the moon to illicit confusing emotions. There is a lot going on at the moment. Choices will need to be made quickly and your focus will need to remain in the present. The past can be reflected upon at a later date.

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Moon in Sagittarius,1st of April 2013


A great evening to spend just being with a group. Perfect for getting everyone together and taking the dog for a walk. Truly ,a glorious night to spread some smiles and happy memories.

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Monday and the Moon


Wake up! It’s time start again. Off we go. Feeling confused ?I’m sure that inner child is winning ,forcing you to press the snooze button?Oh no! You’re on the mobile calling in a sick day. Welcome to Monday. The moon,it’s ruler,is all about the emotional. A day of reflection and absorption rather than shining and striving. Will you be ok? Of course you will.

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