Moon in Aquarius, May 31st 2013


What does it feel like to be accepted for who you are? What does it feel like to feel good on the inside and have that reflected in the outer world? Today, feel free to be you. Enjoy the feeling of being part of a greater group and yet at the same time being content with your own uniqueness.

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Moon in Aquarius, May 3rd 2013


Are your thoughts creating rock hard obstacles for you to challenge? Do you feel like you have hit an impasse? Are your plans being buffeted by sudden impacts?Today ,it is best to think of Bruce Lees’ advice on tackling confronting situations.He suggested that we be like water and flow around what strikes at us.

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Moon in Aquarius, May 2nd 2013


What does it mean to be part of a group?What does it mean to share a smile?What does it mean to pass beyond the barriers of robotic,pre-planned conversation?What does it feel like ,just ,to be accepted simply for your innate essence and vitality? Today the moon is helping you explore the intricacies of friendship.

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Moon in Aquarius ,6th of April 2013


Emotions are flooding through your body fuelling thoughts to fire rapidly. This in turn is causing a feedback loop where thoughts and emotions get stronger and stronger until they just want to burst out. A good day to find an activity where you can channel all this emotional energy. If used positively this energy could be used to form intense bonds of heartfelt closeness and fondness which could transcend words.

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Moon in Aquarius, 5th of April 2013


Just sit back ,relax and tune into the universe. Today all the barriers are down and you may notice some small synchronicity ,chance or opportunity. Thoughts may also arise giving you fresh insight into current circumstances.

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