Moon in Cancer, June 10th 2013


Do you have the answer but you don’t know the question? Do you have a series of questions in one column and a series of answers in another? Today, you will try to match the correct answers to the correct question. Your only guide is using what feels right.

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Moon in Cancer, May 14th 2013


What does it feel like to create?What is it like to give birth to an idea to watch it take on a life of its’ own? What do we need to do to nurture our creation? Today is a period of allowing our inner world to reflect in the outer. Our inner world is creating the experiences necessary to provide us with what we value the most. So watch the days’ events carefully to see clues as to how your inner world operates.

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Moon in Cancer ,April 18th 2013


As the Moon reflects more energy ,many people find they are more sensitive than usual. This is a good opportunity to look within and explore what you truly feel. You may also sense that you are communicating with others on a more heartfelt emotional level.

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If you feel that you have made a breakthrough in communicating with others today ,please share your story with us in the comment section below

Moon in Cancer,April 17th 2013


Wishes for emotional support are more likely to manifest today while the moons energy builds. What may have been a bubble dream yesterday could appear before you today.

If your wish comes true today, please let us know in the comments below.

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Astrology and body shape


Our body shapes through life are dictated by the movement of heavenly bodies through our chart. Also the moon has a bearing on eating patterns so that might explain when we have the urge to splurge on ice cream.So don’t feel guilty just tell your friends the moon made you do it.

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Moon in Cancer ,March 20th 2013


Slow down take it easy. Make sweet memories and good friends as the night eases you into a state of bliss.The moons energy will revive your being if you are able to go with the flow and let yourself be free.