Moon in Capricorn, May 27th 2013


What does it feel like to receive? Why does it feel like everyone else gets something but your still waiting?Is there a price to everything? Are the best things in life really free? Today, questions will surface dealing with what you need to receive out of life. Help in unexpected forms may also materialise but not in ways you expect. So, be alert as you may forgo the universe trying to help you.

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Mercury conjunct Mars, May 1st 2013


Wow…..A day of unrestrained thought at full boar. Everything is a blur. Everyone around you will want to express their ideas too causing a verbal traffic jam. The trick today is to turn your thoughts into questions so you can create an intellectual roundabout where everyone gets a turn at speaking.

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Moon in Capricorn,April 30th 2013


What type of environment are you in?What is the atmosphere? What is the game you are playing?Who are the players ? Are they playing by the rules? Is somebody bluffing? Who is on the level? Is their behaviour consistent with the past or has their attitude changed? And where do you fit into the scheme of things? Today, the heavens are providing you with clues to assess your environment and your role in it. It is a day of questions and insights ,which will enable you to gauge your feelings: about how you are controlling your environment. Another alternative may be insights into how your surroundings are controlling you?

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If the universe reveals clues about your surroundings today, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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