Moon in Gemini, June 8th 2013


Is the grass greener on the other side? Is it better somewhere else? Do some guys have all the luck? Questions and thoughts may bubble to the surface concerning discontent. It may be in various forms but it depends on the way you think about it. For some it is an opportunity to rise to the occasion and improve. For others it may be an awareness that things are not as good as they could be. No matter what you are feeling it is a signal to look closely for changes which will improve your life.

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Moon in Gemini,May 13th 2013


What path feels the best for us?What path has the most rewards?What are the costs?Is this the path that I am meant to travel? Today we will ponder these questions.The moons path through Gemini allows us to feel each choice and knowingly choose the path before us with confidence.

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Moon in Gemini, May 11th 2013


What if dreams could come true? What if you could close your eyes ,make a wish for it to enter your life a short time later? Is it our birthright for dreams to come true? Gemini is prompting our inner child to invent new experiences for further growth?Play with ideas and scenarios,watch for what you like and discard what you don’t. As the next few days progress , watch to see if elements of your wishes start to appear. All the ingredients for success are provided as the moon builds in energy. So ,dream ,ponder and explore and simply wait for the universe to release it’s bounty.

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Moon in Gemini ,April 16th 2013


A day of increasing intuition and insight. You may experience multiple insights from different perspectives where rational thought will break down. A day of accepting and living through the messages you receive. These insights can only be processed later when more information becomes available.

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Moon in Gemini ,April 15th 2013


A day of Quantum thinking. Instead of deciding about a perspective point of view ,we may find ourselves experiencing all aspects of it. Wow, a day where you will truly know another’s point of view.

Please comment and let us know if you are currently experiencing this today.

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Moon in Gemini, 14th April 2013


Of course decisions aren’t meant to be easy. Today, it’s feeling versus logic. What may seem logical may leave you feeling uneasy. Look to your heart for further understanding to guide you to the right choice.

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