Moon in Pisces ,May 6th 2013


What are the range of emotions you can perceive?Is there any logic to why you perceive emotions in all it’s extremes?Can we select events which will in turn produce experiences fuelling the feelings we desire?How do we feel about our current emotional state? Today is not about logic at all. It is a day of experience and reflection.The best that we can do is to go along for the ride but ,of course ,use your previous recollections to guide you to correct choices.

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Moon in Pisces,May 5th 2013


What is it like to feel what you know?How does it feel to act on a hunch?What does it take to trust that inner urge? Today, it is worthwhile just to go with the flow and watch where your feelings take you.

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Moon conjunct Mercury ,April 8 2013


Reflections and images of what you have done are intermingling with what you are doing now. Mars energy is in overdrive ,propelling you further and faster than you have ever been. Life is now in the fast lane and you are now trying to check that rear view mirror. Mercury is bouncing images and impressions of the past causing the moon to illicit confusing emotions. There is a lot going on at the moment. Choices will need to be made quickly and your focus will need to remain in the present. The past can be reflected upon at a later date.

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Moon in Pisces ,April 7th 2013


Tonight your guardian angel is on duty. Like a beacon in the night it will lead you to safer shores. If you are finding that the riptide of Mars has taken you out to deep waters then listen closely to that inner voice which will take you to calmer waters.

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