Moon in Scorpio


How do you do what you feel ? Can you do what feel? Should you do what you want. Do you have any control anyway? A time of acting before thinking.

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Moon in Scorpio, May 23rd 2013


Did I think that? Would I even think such a thing?Where did that come from? Today, you may find that you feel and sense thoughts which you just don’t understand. Thoughts may seem out of context with no basis for existing in your memory. Instead of struggling with them, it is best to accept that your perception is being heightened to an extreme by Scorpio. So, you may be picking up the vibes of others and vice versa. A day of insight and intuition at its’ most extreme.

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Moon in Scorpio ,April 27th 2013


A day just to be free and live for the moment. Scorpio is all about living in the moment. Put aside your cares and worries and allow your self some space to breathe. The heavens have provided you with the opportunity to have a wonderful weekend of unrestrained fun and excitement. So enjoy it while you can and rest at work on Monday.

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