Mars in Capricorn


Does money buy happiness or are the best things in life free? Do you need a big ego to achieve your goals?Is it really a battle to make it in the world of business? A great day for thinking and acting on how and why you go to work everyday.
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Moon in Libra, April 24th 2013


A day of making new contacts in your working life. Meeting,greeting and assessing whether or not these new people will blossom into a fruitful relationship. The moon provides the gift of intuition for deep insight and understanding into what your contacts’ needs really are. You may find that your meetings may be conducted on a more heartfelt level. A great day for salesmen and negotiators. Also, if you are shopping for a deal ,it is a great day to negotiate a bargain.

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Moon semi-square Saturn, April 23rd 2013


Are you receiving enough love in your life?Is something holding you back from loving others?When was the last time you laughed at a joke?Has it been a long time since you have had Friday night drinks with colleagues. Today, Saturn is providing clues to the barriers which are preventing you from living life as it should be experienced. It may be tough but the rewards are well worth any emotional discomfort that may be experienced in the short term.

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Mars in Taurus, April 22nd 2013


Mars has moved in Taurus bringing fixed ,slow,solid unstoppable progress. Mars energises the slow moving ,dependable Taurean atmosphere, fuelling growth and fertility. It is a time of moving forward and surfing the waves of nature bursting into fruition. So enjoy and bask in natures full glory.

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