Venus conjunct Pluto

What is it that tempts you? What are the feelings deep down which have been kept hidden for so long? It is safe to assume that any repressed feelings of love and desire may emerge into the open. What happens next is anybody’s guess.


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Moon in Sagittarius

Has something happened which has caused you to review the past year? Do you feel like its time to assess where you have been and where you are heading. It’s ok. It’s now time to plan what you like to emotionally experience in the next year.


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Sun sextile Moon ,April 15th 2013


A day to decide on what you wish to achieve. Your creative energy is increasing and now is a good time to put your plans in motion.

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What are you planning ? Please let us know by posting in the comments section below.

Moon in Gemini ,April 15th 2013


A day of Quantum thinking. Instead of deciding about a perspective point of view ,we may find ourselves experiencing all aspects of it. Wow, a day where you will truly know another’s point of view.

Please comment and let us know if you are currently experiencing this today.

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Moon in Gemini, 14th April 2013


Of course decisions aren’t meant to be easy. Today, it’s feeling versus logic. What may seem logical may leave you feeling uneasy. Look to your heart for further understanding to guide you to the right choice.

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Moon in Taurus ,April 13th 2013


When is the right thing the wrong thing and the wrong thing the right one? Who decides what is right and what is wrong? The road of karma is producing a mist of indecision and confusion today. If you have a choice to make ,that involves consequences from your choice ,it may be necessary to delay. If you do decide to make a decision then you may be simply gambling.What is the price if your choice is wrong? Karmic Blowback! It is simply best to step back and observe as the universe will provide clues in its own time. The most plausible course of action is to allow the universe to decide for you as events unfold.

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