Mercury in Pisces,30th March 2013


Mercury is placed in Pisces whilst it touches on the zone of family. It’s best to have an easy night and just watch a movie and keep things breezy. It’s not a night for deep and meaningful conversations as Mercury’s message may be taken the wrong way.

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Sun conjunct Uranus,Easter Friday,29th March


The sun meets with Uranus to highlight a number of karmic issues from the Piscean age. Some say that Uranus points to a failure to initiate a reform and the Sun points to a misuse of authority .This is some really deep and intense karma. Uranus seeks to put things back in sync and the Sun is pouring all its energy into it. The heavens are showing us to look beyond the rational and use our intuition to transform ourselves into the creative beings we are meant to be.

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Astrology and body shape


Our body shapes through life are dictated by the movement of heavenly bodies through our chart. Also the moon has a bearing on eating patterns so that might explain when we have the urge to splurge on ice cream.So don’t feel guilty just tell your friends the moon made you do it.

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Moon in Cancer ,March 20th 2013


Slow down take it easy. Make sweet memories and good friends as the night eases you into a state of bliss.The moons energy will revive your being if you are able to go with the flow and let yourself be free.

Moon in Gemini


The waxing moon is building in energy but it is passing through Gemini.The energy is mutable so thoughts will pass through a greater range of probabilities.Tonight is perfect for refinement of plans on the fly. A night of tinkering and experimenting rather than consolidation.

The sun in Pisces March 18th 2013


The sun is shining into the realm of the dichotomy.
Is the silver lining of the cloud sweeter than the rain or does the rain offer further growth for another day even if it curtails our activities now. Our object today is seeing ,feeling and exploring the paradoxical nature of this day