Saturn square Jupiter


Is the glass half full or half empty? Are obstacles there to stop you or inspire you? Are you currently living the dream or the nightmare? A time to reflect on your current position and to originate inspiring solutions.

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Pluto sextile Saturn

Do you fight for love or do you love to fight? Are love and war different sides of the same coin? Is it possible to love those you fight? Currently ,limits are being tested and weaknesses unearthed with a possibility to see the game for what it really is.


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Saturn retrograde in Scorpio 4/4/2013


Saturn is revisiting previous issues which may have been simmering and forgotten. It may feel that you are watching a re-run of an old tv drama. However, today you will be changing the script. As Saturn represents control you may find that the rules and routines which keep you in check are weakened. The public persona you also present to others will also be weakened by circumstances beyond your control. It is a day where the real you will shine through. If you have been doing your karmic homework then you will show a resilient and persistent spirit able to rise to the occasion.

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Saturn in Scorpio


Look but don’t touch.Taste but don’t swallow. Get close but don’t feel. You must but you shouldn’t .You can but you won’t. Life just feels like a box of chocolates you can’t eat. Touch and Saturn is sure to give you a stern whipping without any safety words.

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