Moon in Scorpio


How do you do what you feel ? Can you do what feel? Should you do what you want. Do you have any control anyway? A time of acting before thinking.

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Moon in Virgo


Where do I focus? What do I do first? How do I make the most use of my time? How do I feel like I’ve accomplished something? Perhaps if you concentrate on the little things the rest will take care of itself.

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Saturn trine Sun


Are you really you? Are you the person your spirit wants you to be? Or, are you moulding an image that “they” want you to be? Do you believe that through arduous labours that you will receive the accolades you truly desire? Currently ,you are able to think about the way in which the real you can radiate in the world! An exciting but emotional time which will provide a firmer foundation for confidence which can be depended upon.

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Saturn square Mercury


How can you have your cake and eat it too? How can you turn a no into your kind of yes? The planets seem to be suggesting that those who use the threat of bondage to enforce discipline may actually be subject to a bit of bondage and discipline themselves!

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Moon opposition Mercury


Does our world reflect our thoughts? Do our thoughts affect the way we feel about what we perceive? Do our feelings control our thoughts or are we using our beliefs to control the way we see what’s around us! A day of fun rigorous debate lies ahead regarding the way we process our reality.

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Moon in Leo , April 21st 2013


A day of steadily increasing creative energy.You may experience restlessness to do more,to give, to strive for something better. This is a perfect time to give something of yourself. It may be as simple as smiling at someone passing your way or phoning an old friend. The key thing to remember , is that it’s the little things which create the magical moments of life.

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Moon in Cancer ,April 18th 2013


As the Moon reflects more energy ,many people find they are more sensitive than usual. This is a good opportunity to look within and explore what you truly feel. You may also sense that you are communicating with others on a more heartfelt emotional level.

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