Uranus in Aries, April 12th 2013


The heroes journey has already begun. Circumstances have placed you where you need to be. The path to greener pastures is laid before you. Uranus is shedding the the shackles of the old ways which impeded your growth. Mars is giving you the energy to run free towards the circumstances which will allow you to shine.

Image courtesy of cnaene/freedigitalphotos.net

Moon in 12th house


The moon travels through the twelfth house while it’s in Cancer bringing karma regarding motherhood. It is possible to expand this sphere to a woman who has some authority or decision making capacity over you. The main issue will be emotional security. It may mean the child will bring up recurring issues and seek clarification. It’s a very watery time so the focus will be on feeling,instinct and the subconscious. Very little will be achieved logically or even rationally but that is not the point. It’s all about the emotional. A perfect time to sit down and watch Bold and the Beautiful.

Image courtesy of stockimages/ freedigitalphotos.net