Minor planet Ceres in Gemini, April 2nd 2013


Why do some doors close and then re- open again after a set period of time. As a once off ,it is acceptable but if it is a recurring cycle then it may be causing heartache. Ceres is moving you forward in understanding why you are being blocked in loving somebody in an hot or cold relationship.

Image courtesy of idea go/freedigitalphotos .net

Mars conjunct Venus 2nd April 2013


The universe is trying to work out a choice and it’s doing it through you. You may have feelings of striking out and stamping your authority. But there is something else which is stopping you. It’s Venus.She is asking you to smell the roses,go on a date or just watch a beautiful sunset. If you can channel all that Martian energy into making love not war then you have helped the universe on it’s course of good intentions.