Moon in Taurus ,April 13th 2013


When is the right thing the wrong thing and the wrong thing the right one? Who decides what is right and what is wrong? The road of karma is producing a mist of indecision and confusion today. If you have a choice to make ,that involves consequences from your choice ,it may be necessary to delay. If you do decide to make a decision then you may be simply gambling.What is the price if your choice is wrong? Karmic Blowback! It is simply best to step back and observe as the universe will provide clues in its own time. The most plausible course of action is to allow the universe to decide for you as events unfold.

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Uranus semi-square Moon, April 13th 2013


Are we there yet? Well…er…almost. Your journey of transformation is still in progress. Your emotions are unsettled but that is just a side effect. As you are able to absorb and make sense of your new circumstances then you will understand the new sensations you are experiencing

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