Moon in Gemini, 14th April 2013


Of course decisions aren’t meant to be easy. Today, it’s feeling versus logic. What may seem logical may leave you feeling uneasy. Look to your heart for further understanding to guide you to the right choice.

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Moon square Neptune ,14th April 2013


Your emotions are guiding you through how you feel about your personal truth. Merlin would describe today as “a dream to some and a nightmare to others”. If you feel uneasy or sick about a current situation then looking for clues as to your next course of action is required. If you are feeling relaxed then you are currently on the right path.
Your feelings today are reflecting your outer world so trust that inner knowing to lead you to where you are meant to be.

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Pluto retrograde in Capricorn ,April 14th 2013


Have you relapsed again? Are you sensing that you have been here before? Is your universe feeling a little bit Freudian? Are you starting to realise, that you are the patient and not everyone else?Hmmm,…..the faces are changing but the themes are not.Errr…. Well, It’s time to sit on that couch again and start a new therapy session. Pluto is asking us to analyse our life and look at the themes we are experiencing. So,sit back,relax and look within to find the recurring theme.

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