Moon square Pluto,April 24th 2013

A day of public life. Areas such as work and school will be the focus today. Issues regarding equality and social freedoms may make progress today as negotiations will centre on the true emotion of the situation.At the very least, it is a great day to ask questions ,as you will, more than likely,get an honest answer.

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Moon in Libra, April 24th 2013


A day of making new contacts in your working life. Meeting,greeting and assessing whether or not these new people will blossom into a fruitful relationship. The moon provides the gift of intuition for deep insight and understanding into what your contacts’ needs really are. You may find that your meetings may be conducted on a more heartfelt level. A great day for salesmen and negotiators. Also, if you are shopping for a deal ,it is a great day to negotiate a bargain.

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