Moon conjunct Midheaven ,May 4th 2013


Is a better world possible? Are you going to see it? Are you looking out of the window thinking that people are going backwards rather than forwards?Today, mixed feelings may emerge as to the current state of the world that we live in. As the day progresses ,clues may emerge which will give a deep insight. Use these experiences as material to reflect on how we can enjoy the life that we were meant to live.

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Mars conjunct Venus ,April 5th 2013


Security! If you hear this yelled out tonight it may have been you who has gone too far ! Excessive energy mixing with Venus today can be an intoxicating mix. Tonight the brakes are off and Mars will push you past limits that you are not normally used to experiencing. There are no safety barriers and your journey is dependant on your awareness and life experience so far. The secret for tonight is to plan everything in advance and if tempted into darker areas of emotions then just walk away to play again for another day.

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Mercury in Pisces, 5th of April 2013


You see but you do not observe! Mercury is channeling our friend Sherlock Holmes today. So, that means the universe is casting you in the role of Watson. Mercury will throw up a number of clues for you to observe. The art will be not in seeing what’s in front of you but in placing every factor into context. And to add some extra drama for you ,Mercury will throw in a few red herrings as well.

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Moon in Aquarius, 5th of April 2013


Just sit back ,relax and tune into the universe. Today all the barriers are down and you may notice some small synchronicity ,chance or opportunity. Thoughts may also arise giving you fresh insight into current circumstances.

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