Saturn retrograde trine Neptune ,April 7th 2013


Do fairy tales come true? Could there be more to life than meets the eye? As limitations to what you are supposed to believe are weakening,what you thought to be tall tales may appear to have an element of truth in them. Barriers are receding allowing a glimpses of reality which will be hard to deny.

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Moon in Pisces ,April 7th 2013


Tonight your guardian angel is on duty. Like a beacon in the night it will lead you to safer shores. If you are finding that the riptide of Mars has taken you out to deep waters then listen closely to that inner voice which will take you to calmer waters.

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Mars square Pluto ,April 7th 2013


Fly to high, run to fast. Life in the fast lane. Everything’s a blur. The adrenaline is pumping and your heart is pounding. Your instincts are red hot. Mars is putting the pedal to the metal. Oh no! What’s that! Swerve! Left ,right,brake, spin , what next? Pluto is throwing obstacles on the track while your life is in overdrive. In simple terms ,confidence is sky high but planning and careful foresight for all possibilities is required if you are in high risk circumstances.

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Venus square Pluto ,7th of April 2013


Tell me what you want, what you really,really want?
The words sound familiar, the task seems easy. Choosing is what Pluto is asking you to do. Pluto is not asking you to choose something more but to let something go. If something is not working in your life then look at ways in which you can release your attachment to it.

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