Mars in Taurus, April 22nd 2013


Mars has moved in Taurus bringing fixed ,slow,solid unstoppable progress. Mars energises the slow moving ,dependable Taurean atmosphere, fuelling growth and fertility. It is a time of moving forward and surfing the waves of nature bursting into fruition. So enjoy and bask in natures full glory.

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Moon in Virgo, April 22nd 2013


A day seeking to be better in all things. Feelings of striving for a higher cause of selflessness may stir you to action. You may feel the need to contribute to the greater good of all. Today ,the moon reflects the themes of the Knights of Camelot. Memories of gallantry and chivalry could arouse stories of heroic deeds or charitable works today, so be on the lookout for these. A wonderful day where faith in humanity may shine through.

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Moon in Leo , April 21st 2013


A day of steadily increasing creative energy.You may experience restlessness to do more,to give, to strive for something better. This is a perfect time to give something of yourself. It may be as simple as smiling at someone passing your way or phoning an old friend. The key thing to remember , is that it’s the little things which create the magical moments of life.

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Uranus in Aries, April 19th 2013


Wow. A day of high unpredictability.Just what is around the corner. With the high energy of Aries fused with Uranus you are guaranteed some good old fashioned adrenaline pumping adventure.

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Chiron in Pisces, April 19th 2013


A day of recognising that your self worth is more than you realise. Events may happen which allow you to see that you are here for a reason. Chiron’s travelling through Pisces at the moment showing you ways to make every day an awe inspiring event.

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Moon in Cancer ,April 18th 2013


As the Moon reflects more energy ,many people find they are more sensitive than usual. This is a good opportunity to look within and explore what you truly feel. You may also sense that you are communicating with others on a more heartfelt emotional level.

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If you feel that you have made a breakthrough in communicating with others today ,please share your story with us in the comment section below