Mercury conjunct Venus, May 20th 2013


What does it feel like to talk freely? What does it feel like to communicate from the heart? Today, the heavens open the way to experience communicating with others in an open and light hearted way.

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Moon in Virgo, May 19th 2013


What does it feel like to be part of a group?Why do some groups flourish while others fail? Who is the foundation of a group and who is its nemesis?Today ,our gaze turns towards our family. While the moon travels through Virgo ,you may contemplate what makes a family perfect and how does it stay that way.

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Moon in Pisces ,May 6th 2013


What are the range of emotions you can perceive?Is there any logic to why you perceive emotions in all it’s extremes?Can we select events which will in turn produce experiences fuelling the feelings we desire?How do we feel about our current emotional state? Today is not about logic at all. It is a day of experience and reflection.The best that we can do is to go along for the ride but ,of course ,use your previous recollections to guide you to correct choices.

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