Sun in Aries ,March 21st 2013


Can you feel the rush? Are people buzzing around like busy little bees. Do you feel like the cobwebs have blown away. The sun has finally provided a caffeine rush to get things done. It’s a perfect time to realise your potential and move forward to greater things.

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Uranus in Aries ,20th March 2013


Oh no! How did that happen? Have you been caught by surprise yet? Have you realised that everything you’re parents have told you is wrong?
What do mean, how can you say that? Hey, I’m just the messenger. Uranus the planet of change has channelled that Arian spirit on a higher collective level. Values,concepts ,technology and cost are changing. You can’t stop it, can’t divert it. The only thing you can do is get on your spiritual surfboard and ride the waves of change.

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Mars in Aries , March 20th 2013


Whoa! What was that? All of a sudden you feel like you’ve drank five cups of coffee and can’t stop talking. Chat away all you like cause it ain’t going to stop anytime soon. You’re energised. Why? Because Mars is the the house.

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