Moon in Pisces,May 5th 2013


What is it like to feel what you know?How does it feel to act on a hunch?What does it take to trust that inner urge? Today, it is worthwhile just to go with the flow and watch where your feelings take you.

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Saturn trines Neptune 25th March 2013


Who do you feel you are?How do you see the real you? Does it conflict with the way you present yourself to the world. Saturn the ruler of structures,rules and procedures is mixing with Neptune causing boundaries to blur. What you thought was firm and solid yesterday is now starting to look like play-dough. Things are a little more malleable today allowing you a window to re-mould your thoughts,feelings and actions.

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Monday and the Moon


Wake up! It’s time start again. Off we go. Feeling confused ?I’m sure that inner child is winning ,forcing you to press the snooze button?Oh no! You’re on the mobile calling in a sick day. Welcome to Monday. The moon,it’s ruler,is all about the emotional. A day of reflection and absorption rather than shining and striving. Will you be ok? Of course you will.

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