Saturn trines Neptune 25th March 2013


Who do you feel you are?How do you see the real you? Does it conflict with the way you present yourself to the world. Saturn the ruler of structures,rules and procedures is mixing with Neptune causing boundaries to blur. What you thought was firm and solid yesterday is now starting to look like play-dough. Things are a little more malleable today allowing you a window to re-mould your thoughts,feelings and actions.

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Moon opposite Neptune 25th march,2013


Welcome, please take a seat. Tell me what you feel. And what would you think others would feel ? And what do you think ? Today is all about therapy. The past, your emotions,your projections are all under examination today. Your consultation is free , courtesy of the moon. The price? Your honesty of course. The boundaries and feelings which are causing you confusion are on the couch today as you explore your personal reality.Forget Freud and Jung. That would be too easy.With Neptune in opposition it will be more like an journey through David Lynch’s Mullholland Drive.

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Moon trine Uranus ,23rd of March 2013


Should I or shouldn’t I, that is the question today. But what is the answer? Well, the universe will provide the cues for you today, if your willing to look. It’s all about intuition. So ,if your taking a chance to break boundaries, ask someone on a date or push that little bit further, then the universe is presenting it to you on a platter.

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Sun conjunct Mars , 22nd March 2013


Strap on your seat belts as the sun powers up your will to do something. If you’re sitting at work behind a screen you will be itching to run out that door at 5pm. That solar cosmic power drive will make you want to exert some form of force through activity. You will want to run,dance or compete. A perfect night to go to the gym for a super work out followed by partying until the early hours.

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Saturn in Scorpio


Look but don’t touch.Taste but don’t swallow. Get close but don’t feel. You must but you shouldn’t .You can but you won’t. Life just feels like a box of chocolates you can’t eat. Touch and Saturn is sure to give you a stern whipping without any safety words.

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Sun in Aries ,March 21st 2013


Can you feel the rush? Are people buzzing around like busy little bees. Do you feel like the cobwebs have blown away. The sun has finally provided a caffeine rush to get things done. It’s a perfect time to realise your potential and move forward to greater things.

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Moon in Cancer ,March 20th 2013


Slow down take it easy. Make sweet memories and good friends as the night eases you into a state of bliss.The moons energy will revive your being if you are able to go with the flow and let yourself be free.