Mercury conjunct Mars


Are you being heard? Is your message getting through? Now is the time to infuse your message with authority and confidence.

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Mercury conjunct Mars


Is the way you feel about yourself tied in with your job? Is your worth associated with wealth? Are the best things in life actually free?

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Moon square Pluto

What lies beneath the surface of people’s intent? How do you know what they are thinking? Is it by their body language? Is it by their actions? Currently, the universe is providing us with the clues that we need to reflect on what we are seeing. The trick also is to be honest with ourselves in assessing what we uncover.

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Moon opposition Mars ,May 24th 2013


Who invited you? Where did you come from? Why is there a heckler in the room? And who is that gatecrasher ruining my day? Today,emotions are unrestrained and people may show the real core of who they are. It is a real hugs or kicks day. You may find that someone may go out of their way to mess up your universe. It is best just to take note and wait for another day. The moon in Scorpio is guiding us the through the ghetto of people’s souls.
This neither good nor bad. What may be happening is that you are being provided with a map of possible future interactions. Some people may be emotional land-mines and others will be a fountain of joy. If you do interact with people who are ruining your day then think of it as a spiritual immunisation. And yes, Mars by opposing the moon is offering you a choice to see who you really are.

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Mercury conjunct Mars, May 12th 2013


How serious is serious? How intense can intense get? How can you cope with more than one thought at a time?And just when you thought that was enough, how do you feel about defending against conflicting points of view? Today’s energy is all about extreme emotional energy being expressed? It’s great day for passionate love affairs but not the best for debating points of view.Today is all about making love not war.

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