Moon in Aquarius, May 29th 2013


How does it feel to free? What are the things holding you back? Are you able to choose what you would like to experience? Thoughts about personal freedom will emerge ,causing you to reflect on what you want out of life? For some it may be an emotionally draining day but its honesty will lead to the path you need to be travelling. If you have been working on your life path already then you will be fine tuning your goals to ensure a successful outcome.

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Moon in Capricorn, May 27th 2013


What does it feel like to receive? Why does it feel like everyone else gets something but your still waiting?Is there a price to everything? Are the best things in life really free? Today, questions will surface dealing with what you need to receive out of life. Help in unexpected forms may also materialise but not in ways you expect. So, be alert as you may forgo the universe trying to help you.

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Moon trine Uranus, May 26th 2013


Look into a pond and you will see a reflection of you?Look into the past and you may see a reflection of the future?Are we destined to repeat the mistakes of the past? Today, as we set goals for the future, take into account what has happened in the past. The moon is giving you the maximum amount of energy to feel which possibilities are the most suitable.

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Moon in Gemini, May 11th 2013


What if dreams could come true? What if you could close your eyes ,make a wish for it to enter your life a short time later? Is it our birthright for dreams to come true? Gemini is prompting our inner child to invent new experiences for further growth?Play with ideas and scenarios,watch for what you like and discard what you don’t. As the next few days progress , watch to see if elements of your wishes start to appear. All the ingredients for success are provided as the moon builds in energy. So ,dream ,ponder and explore and simply wait for the universe to release it’s bounty.

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Moon in Aquarius, May 3rd 2013


Are your thoughts creating rock hard obstacles for you to challenge? Do you feel like you have hit an impasse? Are your plans being buffeted by sudden impacts?Today ,it is best to think of Bruce Lees’ advice on tackling confronting situations.He suggested that we be like water and flow around what strikes at us.

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Moon in Aquarius, May 2nd 2013


What does it mean to be part of a group?What does it mean to share a smile?What does it mean to pass beyond the barriers of robotic,pre-planned conversation?What does it feel like ,just ,to be accepted simply for your innate essence and vitality? Today the moon is helping you explore the intricacies of friendship.

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