Moon in Gemini

Do you need to belong?Do you belong where you are? Do you belong where you need to be? A day of questions awaits!


Moon in Gemini

What is the best way to explore life? Is it through books and magazines?Or perhaps,is it through direct experience? A time to allow your emotions to guide you.


Moon in Gemini ,April 16th 2013


A day of increasing intuition and insight. You may experience multiple insights from different perspectives where rational thought will break down. A day of accepting and living through the messages you receive. These insights can only be processed later when more information becomes available.

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Moon in Gemini, 14th April 2013


Of course decisions aren’t meant to be easy. Today, it’s feeling versus logic. What may seem logical may leave you feeling uneasy. Look to your heart for further understanding to guide you to the right choice.

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Moon in Gemini


The waxing moon is building in energy but it is passing through Gemini.The energy is mutable so thoughts will pass through a greater range of probabilities.Tonight is perfect for refinement of plans on the fly. A night of tinkering and experimenting rather than consolidation.