Moon in Libra

Should we go left or should we go right? Should we stand our ground or move out of the way ? On what basis can we make the right choice? A day of choosing wisely!

Moon in Libra, May 21st 2013


What does it feel like to be full of energy? What does it feel like to have too many choices and not enough time?Today, the aim is to weigh up the options and select the most viable project to invest your effort.

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Full Moon in Libra ,27th of March


Wow. That’s all I can say so far. Let me catch my breath. This full moon appears to be all about karma. Actions repeated over and over in different flavoured fractals of time and sequence. The moon is reflecting through Libra the price of justice. Harmony or the truth. It’s your choice. The moon is highlighting the factor of how the scales are actually tipped.What people say against what we believe to be true is the cost factor we use to make decisions. The moon is trying to tell us if we use this system we create karma. The timing of this full moon on the eve of Easter Thursday is clearly pointing to the Mythology (history) of the Piscean Age. Easter Thursday is all about judgements made to please the crowd rather than face the truth.
The moon is highlighting the reasons why truth may not always shine. The tendency of all of us to pick expediency over correct action is in full focus under this moon. On a positive note it nudges us to reflect on how we make decisions in our life. As the ancients once said “know thyself” and from there inferred that the rest will fall into place as it should be.

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