Moon in Sagittarius

Is there something more? What is it like over there? Would I be different someplace else? A day of inspired musings. 


Moon in Sagittarius

Has something happened which has caused you to review the past year? Do you feel like its time to assess where you have been and where you are heading. It’s ok. It’s now time to plan what you like to emotionally experience in the next year.


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Moon in Sagittarius,1st of April 2013


A great evening to spend just being with a group. Perfect for getting everyone together and taking the dog for a walk. Truly ,a glorious night to spread some smiles and happy memories.

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Moon in Sagittarius ,31st March 2013


The moon gives your spirit a boost to rise to the occasion. You may feel more settled after reflecting on a choice you are in the process of making. A good time for reviewing and refining your next stage of growth.

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