Neptune trine Mercury, October 31st 2013


Happy Halloween, Currently as the veil thins between realms you may find that you are aware of something else beyond your grasp. A wonderful day for old acquaintances to be together and relish the moment.

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Neptune semi-square Mercury, April 26th 2013


You may find that you have an inner urge just to get up and breathe some fresh air. You may also notice that synchronicities and invitations occur reinforcing the urge to be free and enjoy the day. A day to listen to your inner voice and roam free.

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Neptune semi-sextile Mercury ,April 18th 2013


Like a bolt from the blue you will discover something that you cannot explain. It may topple your perspective on what you have built in your mind. You will know something new but it will be more of a feeling. Neptune is asking you to think outside the box and transcend boundaries.

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Neptune square Jupiter ,April 9th 2013


Possibilities expand before you today in a cornucopia of freedom. The planets are giving you a wonderful day just to let your hair down and be the person you truly are.

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Sun semi-square Neptune ,April 9th 2013


An awe inspiring day where words may be incapable of explaining what you feel. A perfect day to sit down and just soak in the atmosphere.

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Saturn retrograde trine Neptune ,April 7th 2013


Do fairy tales come true? Could there be more to life than meets the eye? As limitations to what you are supposed to believe are weakening,what you thought to be tall tales may appear to have an element of truth in them. Barriers are receding allowing a glimpses of reality which will be hard to deny.

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Moon opposite Neptune 25th march,2013


Welcome, please take a seat. Tell me what you feel. And what would you think others would feel ? And what do you think ? Today is all about therapy. The past, your emotions,your projections are all under examination today. Your consultation is free , courtesy of the moon. The price? Your honesty of course. The boundaries and feelings which are causing you confusion are on the couch today as you explore your personal reality.Forget Freud and Jung. That would be too easy.With Neptune in opposition it will be more like an journey through David Lynch’s Mullholland Drive.

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