Sun conjunct Venus


Do you feel like a party? Do you feel like just forgetting everything and just enjoying the company of friends? But it’s a workday your thinking! It doesn’t matter ,give someone a call and or have lunch with some colleagues as it’s an excellent day for socialising.

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Pluto in Capricorn, December 24th 2013


Forrest Gump once said that life is a box of chocolates as you just don’t know what you’re going to get! Currently we are entering a phase of things being unearthed and discovered. So be prepared for surprises from everywhere. So if any emotions have been hidden then feelings may be revealed for all to see.

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Sun conjunct Mars , 22nd March 2013


Strap on your seat belts as the sun powers up your will to do something. If you’re sitting at work behind a screen you will be itching to run out that door at 5pm. That solar cosmic power drive will make you want to exert some form of force through activity. You will want to run,dance or compete. A perfect night to go to the gym for a super work out followed by partying until the early hours.

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